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🇸🇩 Sudan military: We have 'no ambition to hold the reins of power' | Al Jazeera English

Just a day after Sudan’s military removed President Omar al-Bashir from power, the head of the transitional council has defended the coup. Omar Zein …


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  1. I failed to understand their viewpoint about the current situation. At any rate, President Omar Al Bashir is an honorable man who served his country over 50years in Sudanese Armed forces. It’s silly , you invited this impressionable young people in your studio to discredit the President. Please take in consideration, Omar Bashir is highly respected and is very popular in Sudan. I predict you shall see counter protest in favor of Omar Bashir very soon.

  2. Saying they want everything new May be dangerous because there wil be no end to this problem in sight . Don't play into the hands of America and its allies, anything can happen ,but we are with in prayer. Nobody love you more than yourselves. Your former leader have only paid the price for being of you and for taking steps away from America .

  3. The military council, the Sudanese political parties and activists should sit down together to chart out the way ahead towards the formation of a democratic civilian government. All Sudanese must be by the side of the military to keep the safety and security of the country under the transition period.

  4. Just look 👀 at history, once black people are in power and get used to having power, they start kill people who disrespect them or people who get into their way of what they want, at that point they can’t leave office because of all of the crimes that they have committed. This is why they stay in power long after they are asked to leave. This sounds very racist, but those are the facts about African leaders, it does not matter whether they are military leaders or civilian leaders it always turns out the same, power corrupt all. Maybe it’s the Chiefdom syndrome, but I don’t think so.

  5. If it's to ensure the security and stability of the people, it's good. How ever, if the transition of military power to a civilian government takes more than three months, it doesn't make any sense that the peoples of Sudan have achieved their goal. Sudan has the capacity to establish a civilian government within the next three months. Additionally, the duty of any decent country's military is to protect people from any social unrest and disorder, and to keep the country's border from outside attack, but not to snap the power of peoples peaceful revolution in the name of various excuses. If this happen in this time, it's easy to guess that Sudan would be one of the failed African states like Eritrea. This time, the growth and stability of majority of the world countries is based on active intellectual based diplomatic relations and active engagement of civilian power with the ability and freedom to invest their potentials with follow up of their demand of interests.

  6. They have no plan that is the right! . Since the True drive of this revolution is the Satanic world power of Zionism! …the celebrating young people of Sudan does not understand what awaits them just in few months time??,. Their fattar lies at the hands of the World Satan and the only future they can count on is the Medeterenian sea and gummi boats and finally the Streets of alcohol cosuming Europe

  7. Everwhere in world these motherfuckr isreal agensy musad destryd the pece of muslim country fake and plantend revoloustion by isreal these doge isreal plying every where farnch lebia egpt iraq berexit uk sudan these are behind and back who plying thy are only isreal dogs musad preemeson allumentai agent are everywhere now next country UAE thy can create fake protacting like sudan

  8. At least Sudanese are very smart. They do not kill their dictators because they know there is always a big game being played by foreigners. Most of Sudanese are very young and no body knows what they really want. That is why the military has to wait and see about their demands.

  9. How to destroy a Country without boots on the ground:

    Play on peoples emotion and let them do "Revolution ".

    Like LYBIA once one of the richest in AFRICA now the strong eat the weak and Poor
    Thousend groups everybody fight each other!!!!

    Why ? Stick to emotions and desires Not quran and sunnah and sahaba and salaf!

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