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🇸🇩 What's keeping Sudan's president in power? | Inside Story

Anger at the high price of bread and fuel sparked mass protests in Sudan last December. Four months on, the rallies have evolved into demands for an end to …


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  1. Saudi Arabia.Qatar, and China are the principal supporter of Albashir. Qatar and China in particular have substantial investment in the country. The future of these investments are in doubt if Al- Bashir and his regime falls.

  2. Sudan Population (2018): 41,511,526 (Worldometers)

    Sudan Population (2017): 40,533,330 (Worldometers)
    Sudan GDP (2017): 117.5 billion USD (World Bank Group)

    Sudan Population (2016): 39,578,828 (Worldometers)
    Sudan GDP (2016): 95.6 billion USD (World Bank Group)

  3. The international community including the u.s. buddies up to north korea's kim and he is a butcher, so is putin, the international community has no moral high ground period. Israel commits crimes against humanity daily. Global politics are s–t!

  4. This Omar Bashare guy is the worst thing that ,Africa ever seen in modern times, this guy say that he us not Aftican but want to be presedent if a African country, all the foolish AFRICAN leaders are keeping him in power.

  5. Just big fish in little ponds. Even if you get rid of the president will things change for the better? For the children's children. They're the more underlying problems. I mean look what happened to Zimbabwe….love from Chicago. Pray for Sudan

  6. ⚠Must Read & Report⚠
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    He has dual Nationality Moraccan/Dubai & Native American (Blackfoot & Shashawnee).
    He is currently recovering from poisoning & concussion injuries in Cleveland County North Carolina. Detained deprived of right to travel due to stolen Personal & Financial documentation.
    Insiders report he is being impersonated in the US & UAE as imposters are attempting to take over a multi billion dollar Inheritance.

  7. whole comment filled by muslim rats on Kashmir but rat will vanish during Palestinian Syria Libya Yemen Afghanistan Iraq crisis???
    why all muslim RAT are silent don't raise voice to save real people who are in need
    rats will come out of hole to create war Crisis in Kashmir spread mallice jealousy about indian among Kashmiri Muslim
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