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What if UK PM refused to allow another Scottish referendum? BBC News

It’s not acceptable, and I would caution any future PM against putting themselves in that position” Nicola Sturgeon tells Andrew Marr. Please subscribe HERE …


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  1. The Scottish people DO NOT want a referendum on the eu, only this little dictator Nicole Sturgeon wants it to please her masters in the eu, just like Theresa May. The eu is playing both against each other, it's the old divide and conquer tactic. Scottish people voted to remain part of Britain, and Britain voted to leave the eu. The Scottish people are fed up with this little dictator and HER Scottish Independence, just like the British people are fed up with Theresa May and HER eu referendum. Both these two power hungry female DO NOT give a dam what the people want, just as long they can please their eu masters. The quicker we get rid of both of them for good, the better off Britain will be.

  2. The Scottish football team Glasgow Celtic won the European Cup in 1967 by beating Inter Milan.
    Inter Milan would no doubt like a replay… will Sturgeon grant one??…naahh of course not, she's a frigging hypocrite.

  3. The SNP keeps banging on about Scottish pride, Nationalism, independence, their language and culture etc etc; Isn't Sturgeon weakening or diluting all of those things by welcoming people from the EU, the intelligent and wealthy Germans or French won't migrate to Scotland…only the poor from Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania etc: who are seeking a better life ie: free housing, benefits, Hospital treatment etc;…all at the expense of the Scottish tax payer…after you have independence from the UK. Be careful what you wish for!!

  4. Such a lot of shit world wide.
    And more piling up,as we can see.
    Also more and more women are into politics,.
    Without a doubt WW3
    (Gotts Armageddon)
    Is alreddy scheduled,
    And will come,and maybe soon.
    Thank You,Oh Lord.
    Thank You,for all Your Love.
    You know Best.
    What is the Devil planning??
    Have heard nothing from Him.
    Seems ALL is in Your loving Hands.

  5. 😂Scotland voted to stay in the UK but remember when the Scots leave the UK but want to be part of the e.u but still wants to come to London and England for jobs we should be saying no, we are also your biggest trader you will be stuffed without us,

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